Our Tactical Training

We here at First To Fight Offer a variety of classes designed to help anyone to reach the goal of using a firearm safely and efficiently. We offer a number of classes that are tailored for every level from the beginner to the experienced shooter. Our class sizes are optimized to create a perfect instructor to student ratio. All of the tactical gun, medical, and combative training offered by First to Fight are tailored to real world use and experience. From concealed pistol licensing, basic firearms safety, and pistol first steps; to long range rifle, advanced pistol, and advanced carbine with everything in between, our instructors are subject matter experts in the classes they teach.

Success at Any Level of Experience

The tactical gun training, medical, and combative classes that we offer are all taught in a military format that are both serious and fun. The unique teaching style of our instructors is tailored to reach our students at all levels. Our mission is to increase the skill level and proficiency for our students at any level of the given curriculum for the training they are taking with us. 

Come Train with us

For a full list of upcoming classes, visit out training calendar. We also offer the option of traveling to a location of the customer's choosing.

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